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Univar USA

Univar USA

Univar USA

Assessment, Scanning, Data Entry, Storage, Destruction

    • Consulting, Destruction, Management, Scanning, Storage
    • Assessment, Scanning, Data Entry, Storage, Destruction

Univar USA – Payroll, HR & Benefits

Project Overview

  • Departments A/P, Payroll, HR & Benefits
  • Scanning: On-going, OCR
  • Management: Pickup & Delivery, Data Entry, Integration
  • Storage: Secure, Off-site
  • Destruction: Off-Site, Shredding, Recycle
  • Consulting: Assessment


Receive all Accounts Payable documents daily from all national Univar branches for scanning. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) uploads to in-house financial software by 10 AM each morning.

Moved all HR and Benefits files (including 60 file cabinets) from their Redmond headquarters offices in two days. These needed to be scanned and digitized over a set time frame.


An average of four bins of A/P documents are couriered daily to the production facility for detailed sorting and scanning. The digital information is all uploaded by 10 AM daily to the Univar FTP site and entered into their financial software. Upon approval materials are destroyed and recorded. All transactions are tracked by a Chain of Custody process.

Physically move all cabinets with HR and Benefits departments contents inside intact, truck to the production facility, stored for scanning and recycled all metal cabinets.

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