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Digital Mail Toolbox

Digital Mail Toolbox

Digital Mail ToolboxThe Digital Mail Toolbox (DMT) and Document Management solution was developed by USArchive, teaming with SpringCM (, for use by any Software as a Service (cloud) offering for their customers.  Simply stated, the Digital Mail Toolbox is a service whereby the subscriber’s physical mail is delivered digitally to them.  The Digital Mail Toolbox enables the digitizing, management and distribution of incoming mail, and all related documents, in order to improve accountability, efficiency and cash flow.

Here’s how the Digital Mail Toolbox works:

  1. Select a new mailing address (provider will have access to this address) and notify your senders.
  2. As your mail arrives, we’ll email you an image of each new envelope or parcel – keeping the hard copy sealed and secure.
  3. Log in from anywhere in the world, 24/7.  Quickly issue commands (delete or scan and email) or set up automated policies.
  4. The content of your mail is digitally delivered to your desktop.

The Digital Mail Toolbox creates a bridge from the mail center to the document management system. This process allows customers to save significant dollars in their document operations.

We are pleased that our solution, powered by the industry-leading SpringCM content management platform, can provide our clients with this outstanding Digital Mail option to paper mail delivery to the desktop.

The Digital Mail Toolbox & Document Management solution from USArchive brings you many important benefits including:

  • Digitize physical mail and give authorized personnel access any place any time
  • Capture physical documents and convert to an electronic format
  • Provide fast viewing, retrieval and distribution of information
  • Control and track access to ensure the privacy of information and demonstrate compliance
  • Empower the mobile workforce with ability to receive alerts and access mail on remote devices
  • Automate processes and eliminate manual steps through workflow
  • Provide fast viewing, retrieval and distribution of information
  • Produce reports based on captured metadata
  • Provide insurance against potential threats (i.e. Anthrax being received by end users) 
  • Configuration provides seamless hookup between mailrooms and document management systems
  • Encourages best practices in document and mailroom management
  • Compatible with any existing mailroom with the ability to integrate to full digital delivery capability
  • Accountability through audit trails and security through Verisign and encryption
  • Save valuable budget dollars by eliminating paper and storage requirements
  • Allow 24 x 7 access from any Internet browser
  • Ability to create a unique user experience by customizing user profiles
  • A fully configurable and easy to deploy solution at much lower cost than on-premise software


  • Digital Library that serves as a central, secure repository of all documents as needed
  • Capture of all mail and documents via traditional scanning, email and fax-addressable folders
  • Automatic mail routing and end user decision making
  • Full-text OCR and imaging of all documents with automatic indexing of important data
  • Routing and approval workflows to facilitate common processes
  • Document check-in and check-out to control versions and users
  • Complete auditing of every document and process touch-point
  • Pinpoint “annotation” functionality that enables you to make revisions without altering original file
  • Full version control, retention schedules, audit trails, e-signatures
  • Automatic retention and destruction scheduling
  • Redundant backup and off-site storage to protect data and ensure continuity

The Digital Mail Toolbox creates value and efficiency for anyone interested in having their mail delivered directly to their desktop, tablet or smart phone.  Businesses today are challenged with finding ways to save mail processing costs and deliver mail to employees while on-the-go.  Realizing this USArchive while teaming with SpringCM, has created the Digital Mail Toolbox & Document Management solution that delivers mail to the end user using any web browser. The Digital Mail Toolbox solution was designed to connect mailrooms to organizations in-place enterprise and document management systems.

USArchive has enjoyed success in preparing businesses to manage digital systems and create the bridge from the mail center to the document management system.  This process, when tied to document imaging and records management, creates a solid return on investment and allows customers to save significant dollars in their mail operations.  Most importantly, it provides a complete mail platform necessary to help any business improve their bottom line through more efficient and timely mail delivery to all employees no matter where they are in the world.

We are pleased that our solution, powered by the industry-leading SpringCM content management platform, can provide businesses with this outstanding Digital Mail solution through our powerful document management services.


Using the Digital Mail Toolbox to integrate the Digital Mailroom & Document Management solution with your infrastructure and email systems is a crucial component to your ability to provide value-add services for employees and customers. SpringCM offers a number of ways to integrate your systems from the very basic to the most elegant using our service-oriented architecture (SOA). Basic integrations can be as loosely coupled as using a flat file or as tight as using SpringCM’s Web services capabilities for seamless and productive integration.  It is what you want it to be.

If you’d like more information about the Digital Mail Toolbox, please contact Mick Plath at 425-822-5170 or email at

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