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Cloud-Based Content Management

One Platform with a Multitude of Possibilities

SpringCM is the most flexible document management and workflow Cloud solution today at a low cost of ownership. Its flexibility makes it the preferred document management and workflow solution for your business today.

Whether you need document management and workflow for accounts payable, contract management, human resources, marketing, or anything else, SpringCM will provide a viable solution for any business situation without expensive customization. SpringCM is very flexible and expandable and can be leveraged to address almost any added requirements — ranging from customer specific extranets to internal depart needs, while staying affordable.

Effortless Implementation

SpringCM uses the Cloud model, and every aspect of our solution is web based. To access it your team members will simply log into the SpringCM web site. You won’t have to wait for anyone to install hardware or software or to think about any large upfront costs. Your team members will get access to the same robust document management and workflow solution whether they are working at the office or working remotely.

Breadth of Functionality

SpringCM offers significantly more than a repository to store documents or just an innovative approach to collaboration and workflow. It encompasses all of the features you will need within an very intuitive interface that your team members will easily use without off-site special training or a huge reference manual.

  • SpringCM will accommodate any files ranging from PDFs to images to AutoCAD drawings.
  • All documents include audit trails that are complete with all previous document versions available for download.
  • Simple check-in and check-outs ensure that your team members will not duplicate efforts by revising outdated versions.
  • Several delivery options are available for your team, your customers or contractors using numerous methods that e-mail, fax and mail.
  • Easy Routing and approvals enable you to include participants, assign them responsibilities and establish timelines with just a few clicks.
  • An Advanced Workflow, our business process management (BPM) engine, will automate complex processes, including any exceptions.
  • E-forms will eliminate paper-based processes and easily integrate into the Advanced Workflows which further enhances the SpringCM BPM capabilities.


SpringCM will capture all digital files stored on your desktop and can print the information regardless of whether they were sent in an e-mail, through fax or regular mail. The information is captured using optical character recognition (OCR), or full-text search. This is available for all of your documents regardless of your capture method. The scanner integration has the ability to scan paper documents and automatically route them to specific folders in SpringCM.

Document Management

Check in and checkout documents to make sure that no one else is viewing or editing any outdated versions. You will organize your documents in traditional folder structures with additional metadata to push the business process to completion. Reports display detailed activity for users, groups or an entire account within any date range you decide.

Workflow and Collaboration

The SpringCM collaboration capability enables the user to comment on documents or use a preferred review method. They can annotate proprietary drawings from AutoCAD and Microsoft Project files with our Advanced View and Mark-up.

Routing and approval workflows will alert everybody when documents are ready for review and it will notify the next participant when the review is complete.

Advanced Worfklow and E-forms provides clients and users with paperless ability for entering information to be used in mail merges or as a step that starts a workflow. It’s an easy configurable solution for processes like human resources, credit applications, contract management, registration forms and more.


You will get documents in front of your team members, contractors and clients with just a few clicks of the mouse. Delivery methods for electronic files are available in SpringCM or through e-mail programs. You can easily mix and match document routing methods based on the content that you want to deliver.


You can add, manage and delete using the administrative options without expensive customization.


Set access privileges at the document, folder or user level. The data center is prepared for any disaster, and your data is backed up every night.

SpringCM Features

SpringCM develops enterprise content management software delivered as an “on demand” service with fully integrated capture, document management, workflow and business process automation technologies.

With SpringCM’s on-demand delivery, we can have you running in less than a day. For businesses of all sizes, SpringCM helps speed revenue, reduce costs and avoid any penalties by automating the processes.

About SpringCM

SpringCM is the recognized market leader in enterprise-class cloud platforms for managing content and business processes. SpringCM’s affordable, rapidly deployable solutions enable organizations of all kinds to address their most critical Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) challenges. SpringCM’s solutions are trusted by customers such as the Department of Energy, Comcast, and Siemens. SpringCM partners include, Microsoft, and For more information, please email or call 425-822-5170.

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