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Document Scanning

Seattle Area Document Scanning & Imaging (OCR) Services

Document Scanning

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Seattle Area Document Scanning & Imaging (OCR) Services

You know your organization spends a lot of time trying to find important documents when you need them. But your document management problems are bigger than they appear. Is your organization affected in any of these ways?

Documentation Responsibilities:
Some offices are subject to strict rules about what they must keep track of. If you don’t have your documents in order, you might actually be breaking the law. This is especially true for offices governed by HIPAA or FERPA regulations.
Maintaining Professionalism:
You’re working with documents and records, and losing track of materials now and then may be inevitable—and embarrassing. But in a catastrophic event that ruins the materials—like a fire or flooding—you may have your clients’ sympathies and still lose their business.
The High Cost of Searching:
Let’s not forget that your staff is being paid to search for documents, and time spent looking adds up. Having access to your materials at the instant they’re needed cuts down on costs. To ignore that fact works to drain your budget in front of you.

The Solution: Records Scanning & Imaging Services by USArchive

Document scanning helps you keep your materials safe and accessible. Forget about the bothers and worries of managing your papers. Embrace a system that works with your office, not against it. You get:

Digitized Versions of All of Your Documents:

Digitized Versions of All of Your DocumentsDocuments come in many sizes. We capture and process pieces as small as business cards and as large as architectural plans—and anything in between.

Local Production:

Local ProductionEven if you need a document while we’re in the middle of the process, we find what you need and deliver it from our production facilities in Issaquah, WA.

Deliveries That Fit Your Needs:

Deliveries That Fit Your NeedsWe can consult with you to find out how your office works and the best way to make sure you have access to documents the way you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of documents or records can I digitize?

All kinds! Specialize in:

    • Single- and double-sided paper documents
    • Computer generated reports
    • Books, both bound or unbound
    • Wide-format maps and drawings


What are my options for scanning?


We offer a variety of scanning options to best suit your needs. To start off, we can offer color images, or grayscale if you prefer. We can provide any files resolutions you need, including:

    • 200dpi
    • 300dpi
    • 400dpi




You also have your choice of processing operations to give you the best access to your information. We use software specifically for:

    • Data capture
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Indexing and Formatting



What formats can I get?

We’ll return digitized documents to you in just about any format or media type you need. Some of the most commonly delivered formats include:

    • CD/DVD
    • FTP
    • External & Internal Hard Drive
    • Ultra Secure PIN Coded/Encrypted Flash and/or External Drives


We also offer a secure, cloud storage system to access your files over the internet. That gives your staff or clients access to view or print your materials from anywhere around the world.

Don’t worry about your specialty applications—we can integrate everything into your own in-house document / records management systems.

What happens to my confidential documents / records?

For industries with strict confidentiality regulations and organizations where privacy is valuable, US Archive provides confidentiality agreements to protect the sensitive nature of your work. Our secure facilities can handle sensitive materials, and our experience extends even to court records and health records—certainly a well-governed class of documents.

I’m uncertain about what I need to make my office run better. What are my options?

US Archive is ready to meet with you to talk about what you need to work efficiently. We review all of the materials that you’re keeping, discuss how your staff uses them, and what your records obligations are. Together, we’ll come up with a plan and a timeline that you can use to make the final decision.

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