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Government agencies need to capture critical information from forms and documents. This information incorporates tax returns, licenses, legal filings, records, deeds, court documents – both criminal and civil, health information, elections, real estate, property taxes, etc. These forms and documents may be paper or electronic, or may be structured or unstructured. To retain this information, the majority of municipalities, county, state and federal governments have developed statutes or ordinances surrounding the requirements of national records management system.

USArchive strategic solutions help capture data in a more accurate, timely, and cost-saving manner to improve customer service and save your taxpayer money.


Educators are challenged with capturing and managing personal information pertaining to students, compliance records, funding, and legal requirements related to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Management of educational records is one of the most highly protected and litigated areas of records management today.

USArchive can assist educators in managing and protecting sensitive personal records, and implement solid and compliant record retention programs. Whether archiving your records or capturing your data locked in older computer systems, microfilm or microfiche, we can address the very specialized needs of the education industry.


The public and private legal community and associated services, including police departments, are charged with managing a wide range of issues related to document data storage. Exhaustive and labor-intensive searches can occur from when the information is not organized efficiently. USArchive can streamline information storage and retrieval by introducing new efficiencies to your data management. This creates great cost savings, an important element to a municipal department facing major budget constraints. Your needs may range from discovery and due diligence documentation, to retrieval of evidence files, mug shots, and case profiling.

Testimonials from two of our current legal clients.

No other storage service we have contracted with has provided this exceptional service.

-Mark Cook

Public Defender Association

After a year of using USArchive, it has become obvious to us that we have made a quality decision. Our files are secure and maintained in an orderly fashion. Before we utilized USArchive, it could take up to an hour of staff time to retrieve just one file. From the beginning we could see that hiring USArchive for file retention services would save Brislawn Lofton Gregorek, PLLC countless hours of staff time. Retrieving our files is no longer a tedious task, but a simple and painless one.

-Lauren Gregorek

Brislawn Lofton Gregorek, PLLC


Banks, Credit Unions, mutual fund companies and other financial services firms need to capture critical information from a large variety of forms and documents. These forms include credit applications, enrollment forms, change of address forms, and correspondence, just to name a few.

The banking industry is records intensive. In North America alone, banks have over 50 million boxes of paper in storage, enough boxes to measure 5.3 miles high if stacked tightly on a tennis court. Bank computers churn out tens of billions of pages of stock print. Employees produce hundreds of millions of emails. Bank records of all kinds take up countless terabytes of electronic storage.

It is no surprise, then, that the banking industry is at the forefront of the records enforcement movement. Banks are moving aggressively to develop enforceable records retention programs, and for good reasons. The potential for savings is huge, and banks are acutely aware of the legal risks posed by inconsistent record destruction practices, and from retaining records beyond current requirements.

Banks who have yet to systematically attack records control issues can easily benchmark themselves against their peers. They may see that 50% savings in any of the areas of records control and retention are ready and waiting – just by doing the right things.

The Insurance Industry creates and retains billions of policy and claim files, along with millions of boxes of corporate records that may have been archived to microfilm or microfiche. Electronic records are bursting through their server seams. Electronic storage devices are littered with multiple copies of obsolete records. Highly-public legal troubles, caused by inconsistent and poorly controlled records destruction, have plagued major players in recent years.

Major insurers are searching for ways to create enforceable record control programs to protect themselves from legal risks. Insurers who partner with USAIS can leverage methodology to create a disciplined and consistent approach to records control. These firms typically find that they can destroy a large percentage of records that are past their useful life, and past the legal requirements for retention.

USArchive integrated solutions help financial and insurance organizations accelerate revenue generation, while improving customer service.


Utilities services have specific regulations and requirements surrounding records management. Criteria range from environmental issues to disaster recovery to copies of disputed invoices for an electric bill. Utilities are required to manage records and programs to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations and local Commission policies or ordinances. All utilities are required to develop and maintain a records management system to provide security, integrity, retention and ease of access to all official records. USArchive specializes in records management tailored to the needs of your business. We scan documents that are wide format that pertain to maps and blueprint’s… along with traditional and specialized documentation within the utilities market.


The construction industry and the customers of construction projects or their endeavors are inundated with records management requirements and associated compliance issues. Records include: development, permits, inspections, condition reports, upkeep, and routine maintenance of buildings and the grounds. In addition, records document: the planning, administration, implementation of current and potential capital construction projects, and also deals with “as builds”, remodeling and construction projects.

Typical records may include:

  • Building inspection reports
  • Fire marshal’s compliance inspection reports
  • Floor plans
  • Layouts
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Permits project descriptions and requirements
  • Plan reviews
  • Project schedules Sketches
  • Specifications
  • Work logs and work order
  • Related documentation and correspondence
  • Data on many projects must be kept due to American’s with Disability Act (ADA) requirements

USArchive specializes in retaining data and large format scanning to meet the needs of your company.


Records management has never been more critical than in the current managed-care environment. Changes in health care cost reimbursement have placed a premium on timely, accurate record access, and document management.

The digitization of paper records can facilitate rapid turn-around in the claims payment process; it has a direct and positive impact on the provider’s bottom line, improving productivity and throughput for the health insurer.

As health care organizations move towards computer-based patient records, there is a compelling need for back-file conversion of all paper-based records and studies, regardless of the format of their active patient records.

With USArchive, Health care organizations can realize significant cost savings in the outsourced management of their patient records.

Traditional box storage of patient files and business records, along with active records management, provide our customers with timely, accurate, and secure alternatives to their current high-maintenance records management solutions.

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