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Skagit County Superior Court

Skagit County Superior Court

Assessment, Scanning, Shredding

    • Consulting, Destruction, Government, Scanning
    • Assessment, Scanning, Shredding

Skagit County Superior Court

Project Overview

  • Scanning: Off-site, Indexing, OCR, Quality Control, File Requests
  • Destruction: Shredding, Compliance
  • Consulting: Assessment, Planning, Compliance, Inventory control


Similar to Kitsap County, to convert all paper county court case files into a digital format for easy access. In this case, digital files needed to be prepared to be uploaded to the county’s Laser Fiche software. Like most courts we have helped, there are always a number is people requiring records based on court cases in trial, and attorneys needing documentation for their cases in litigation. Files need to be quickly and easily accessed via their preferred software. tools. In this case Laser Fiche.


Box up case file sitting on shelves, inventory the materials and bring them in our secure scanning facility for high speed scanning/digitizing. All files were prepped, scanned, indexed, QC’d and OCR’d. All digital files were returned on DVD’s to be uploaded to the County software.

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