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Spokane County Building Department

Spokane County Building Department

Assessment, Scanning

    • Consulting, Scanning

Spokane County

Project Overview

  • Scanning: Off-site, Indexing, OCR, Quality control, File requests
  • Consulting: Assessment, Historical preservation, Logistics


To recover and protect valuable historic maps and drawings of the origins of the Spokane County offices and buildings. We were called upon to assess the feasibility of scanning very delicate (fragile) historical large format maps and drawings. The materials needed to be carefully handled, cleaned, flattened, repaired, and delicately scanned to insure that no damage would be done to the materials throughout the scanning process.


Carefully unroll all materials, repair torn pieces with archival tape, scan and digitize. In this case we decided that we would place the drawings into a transparent protective carrier to run them through our roll feed wide format scanners. This worked perfectly. Based on his first job we did in 2002, we have had the privilege of scanning more historical projects for the County through the years. Our most recent project was completed in December 2016.

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