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Government Work

USArchive is the premier partner and document management provider for state and local government. No other Seattle document management company can compare in terms of service quality, efficiency, and speed. Head over to government document scanning for more detailed document imaging information, as well as our certifications.

Imagine University

Imagine University helps bridge an information and knowledge gap in all aspects of document imaging and management. Imagine University, founded by US Archive, provides classroom and practical training for national nonprofit organizations that are entering the document management services line of business. Visit Imagine University for more information.

Seattle Document Management Services

Document Scanning Quality document scanning is the first part of our process.  We scan your documents using industry-leading scanning equipment. Our document scanning service captures and processes information tucked away in nearly all types of documents and media. We scan just about any document, regardless of size or condition and preserve your documents “digitally forever.” Document Indexing & Data Entry Once the documents are scanned they can be processed for easy and efficient access. USArchive uses sophisticated processing software for capturing the data, performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and then indexing and formatting the digital documents. Your digitized documents are returned to you in just about any format you require. Microfilm Microfiche Conversion We take the images from your film and capture them as digital images, protecting the information and making it easy for you to view the images with a few clicks on your keyboard.
Document Management Software Solutions Access organization documents anyplace/anytime. Search by date or keyword and quickly find what you’re looking for. We offer on-premise or cloud solutions to enable you to easily find the document you need.

Web Access to Documents Access important documents from all over the world without special software. Search by date or keyword and find what you’re looking for no matter where your work takes you. Digital Mail Toolbox The Digital Mail Toolbox allows you to retrieve your mail anytime/anywhere as long as you have internet access. If you travel or have concerns about mail security, digital mail is the answer for you. Consulting We can help you resolve problems most organizations face – how do you ensure the safety, integrity and longevity of critical records? We review your document management issues and needs and formulate a cost-effective solution for your organization. Document Destruction We can safely and securely destroy your confidential records and documents.