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9 Ways the Cloud Will Super Charge Your Office

We’ve talked several times about how a document management can help you turn your office into a well-oiled machine.  But once you have your documents scanned and in the system, or if you’ve got policies in place to create and manage documents digitally, what are you using to do the grunt work?

We partner with SpringCM as a content management system to make sure that your documents are treated with the respect and thoughtfulness that they deserve.  Huge, infrastructure-heavy companies like Siemens, Comcast, and Boeing use SpringCM to get the most out of their documents, and you can too.  Here are the top nine ways that cloud-based document solutions like SpringCM will turn your office into an information super-hub.

1. Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment
On-premises server can take weeks or months to get up-and-running.  With a cloud solution, you’ve got your documents at hand in just days.  Users—like your employees and contractors—are often used to other cloud applications, so the length of time you have to wait before you see any value from adopting is cut short.

2. Skip the Installation

Skip The Installation
If you’re on the cloud, there’s no hardware, no software, and no other network infrastructure to muck around with.  You’ve already got all that you need: a web browser with an internet connection to use the app.

3. Solution Superhero

Solutions Superhero
In most cases, everything you need is already part of a cloud solution.  Document management and features to direct workflow are already a part of SpringCM.  You won’t need to pay for any additional modules or integration services that waste time and cost a lot of money.

4. Low Cost

Low Cost
SpringCM, like most other cloud solutions, comes to you as a pay-as-you-go subscription.  If you look at what you save by not paying for extra hardware, administration, and services, cloud solutions ends up costing only 20% to 35% of what you would have to pay for on-premises solutions.

5. Low Risk

Low Risk
If you were trying to change out your on-premises solutions, how would that happen?  Could you resell the licenses for the software?  Could you liquidate the servers in the office?  With a cloud solution, it’s as easy as choosing not to renew the services agreement at the end of the term.  Most agreement terms cover about a one-year period, so you can flip the whole structure after a reasonable try.

6. Cake Walk for the Admin

Cake Walk For Admin
Do you employ IT staff?  You might not have to with a cloud solution.  More often than not, a cloud service can be administrated by someone in the business unit, as opposed to IT staff.  Administration tasks boil down to simple configuration and user-access management.  How easy is that?  You can forget about all of that software installation and hardware maintenance.

7. Easy to Use

Easy to Use
Cloud apps are built for the user, period.  It’s about getting the user to be as productive as possible, as soon as possible.  A high-end cloud app like will include an easy-to-use web interface, easy configuration, and a quick tutorial to get users familiar with the system and workflow in minutes.  That will cut the cost of training employees and new hires.

8. Plays Well With Others

Plays Well with Others

Because of cloud solutions’ robust web services, they fit in nicely and get along with other business apps you might be using.  You’re not working in a vacuum, so a solid document management system will respond to other applications, once they’re configured.  That means that users don’t have to learn a whole new system to get the full effect of a new system with added features.  SpringCM is like a new friend in the same old playground!

9. Happy Office!

Happy Office
All of these advantages lead to a productive, happy office with smiling users and administrators.  THINKstrategies and Cutter Consortium put together a survey to measure satisfaction among companies that use on-demand software like cloud solutions.  The result?  A whopping 100% of those surveyed were satisfied with the software they used.

Trade the Fog for the Cloud

Do any of these points hit home for your office?  Click here to find out how we can make your office run like a well-oiled machine, or tell us about your experiences with cloud solutions in the comments below.

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