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October 27, 2015 in Insights

Don’t get painted into a corner! USArchive & Imaging Services – Overview

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Dear Valued Clients & Future Customers,Noreen

Every so often we like to provide an update on the specific services and capabilities USArchive & Imaging Services.  It is important to know who we are and specifically what we can do for your organization.  Let’s look at it from the following standpoint:   1. ECM Strategy: (Enterprise Content Management) is here to stay. From its genesis in the 1980’s, ECM solutions have evolved to capture all the mission-critical documents in the workplace, using digital capture and import tools. 2. Service Capabilities: Specifically USArchive will handle the complete project or can provide you with the tools to scan and digitize your legacy files and import these into your IT infrastructure.  3. Immediate Benefits include:
  • Reduced filing space (opening up new floor space)
  • Backup, storage, retention
  • Ability to share, locate, and retrieve specific documents, and route these to requesting parties. (example: public records requests)
  • Disaster recovery protection
  • Automated workflow and work management (i.e., automatic approvals)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automated data capture
  • Audit trails and regulatory compliance
  • Store documents on premises or in a secure cloud environment
  •  Mobile access to smartphones and tablets
  • Fax and Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) integration
USArchive is a full service ECM and ‘one stop shop’ scanning services provider.  Whether you’re dealing with the aging microfilm/microfiche, worn paper documents, endlessly growing your paper archive, or challenges accessing information, USArchive can help you solve these troublesome and expensive issues. One Accounts Payable client found a 95% improvement in space storage and reduction as well as a 65% improvement in work process in the new, paperless work process.  Purchased- Cloud canstockphoto2122922 Another USArchive client gained immediate access to mission critical engineering work orders from their mobile tablet, regardless of time and location, with 100% reliability from the cloud repository. How can we help? Literally, hundreds of our clients across industry verticals have gained efficiencies in their workplace by converting paper and film based documents to TIFF and PDF digital images.  Helping you provide fast, responsive service levels and fast turnaround on your document needs are the hallmark of USArchive & Imaging Services. Give a call today or send us an email and we’ll work with you to identify how document management and capture solutions can help you move to a new plane of processing and reap the rewards in terms of higher productivity, quality, and level of service. Noreen Plath – Vice President

USArchive & Imaging Services


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